Chelsea Cook is the mind (and fingers) behind the fantastic costumes for Ernest Shacklton Loves Me.  She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2006 and has been making a splash all over Seattle ever since!  Chelsea has worked for many theatres in the Seattle area including INTIMAN Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Village Theatre and Balagan Theatre.  Check out the other costume posts to see how Chelsea got her ideas for the characters we get to meet in Ernest Shackleton Loves Me!

Here is a rendering of Kat Chelsea created: 


Chelsea gives a sneak peek into her insights for Kat’s clothing, hair and makeup.  Check out these great boards!

Kat clothing

Kat Hair

Kat Makeup

Kat Bonus: Tattoos too!

Inspiration Board: Ernest Shackleton

Inspiration Board: Ponce de Leon

Inspiration Board: Bruce

And just for fun, this is Chelsea!