The past few weeks at home have flown by. I’ve never before had the luxury of extra time in between rehearsals and tech (this break happened because of our director Lisa’s Australian tour of her Obie-winning show AN ILIAD) - a hiatus like this is pretty unheard-of in the theatre world, and I have to say I LOVE IT.

Instead of a breathless, stress-filled race to opening night, we’ve had ENOUGH TIME to actually carefully consider what rewrites we wanted to do - review the video from our February workshop at ACT, have multiple skype calls with our bookwriter Joe, and send ideas back and forth - and then time to IMPLEMENT those rewrites, send them to Wade, and do some individual practicing before heading back to Seattle for brush-up rehearsals and tech. It’s such a civilized, productive, non-life-shortening way to do things; I know it probably adds to the budget, but I am supremely thankful for these weeks we’ve had.
I recently saw this visual representation of the creative process - and I think what this hiatus has allowed us is the ability to get ALL THE WAY THROUGH the cycle - so I for one am feeling great about where we are.


I’m not the only one, either. Ryan and Brendan were able to complete ALL the orchestrations (which sound absolutely gorgeous), and we had four long rehearsals here at our place where we troubleshot EVERYTHING: all the cues and synth programming and and violin patch changes and Ableton Live quirks (of which there are many! - this is the same computer program I use for my solo looping concerts, the brain-ripping one I think I mentioned in my last post).

It constantly astounds me just HOW MUCH WORK continues to go into all of this. We’ve been working on this show off and on for over five years…and there’s still a TON to do, now that we’re heading into our first production. Here’s a tiny taste of what I mean: a short video of Brendan and Ryan speaking their to-do lists for our March 10 rehearsal.

Today is March 25, and I just did a full runthrough, here in my room with all my equipment. Something I haven’t done in a VERY long time is play piano parts (I mean, if you have a Brendan in the house why would you, right??) - and I do play some piano in this show so I’ve been reviving those long-dormant skills, shedding on the keyboard. One week till Seattle, and I feel very ready! (Ready for everything except: packing all the stuff in the below photo and taking it to the airport with me. Hello TSA…)