I am on a plane to Ohio, having left SHACKLETON tech rehearsals for one day to play a longstanding solo concert. We have had an incredible week of pickup rehearsals, costume fittings, sound setup, filming, spacing rehearsal and two long, amazing days of tech so far.

The show is thrilling - the live filmed sections of Ernest on the ship, the sometimes gorgeous/sometimes whimsical projected images throughout, the myriad dazzling sound effects, the enveloping orchestrations…all these elements are coming together to make something incredibly special, and the excitement in the theatre from the whole team is palpable.

A super personally exciting element of this project for me is my physical transformation into Kat: in addition to my Antarctic hair, I am now sporting a large number of (temporary) tattoos. Walking through the world like this is a totally new and bold experience - I love seeing people’s judgments of me written on their faces. Most people are lovely - I have NEVER been talked to this much in airports! - and almost everyone has something nice to say about my blue/purple hair…but at least one person has said she was surprised when she spoke to me that I “sounded educated.” 
I am finding this look very fun and freeing…and I may keep it even after the production. The blue does match my eyes.