We’re getting into a groove here at SHACKLETON HQ. I’ve figured out the best pain-free method of dealing with the tattoos (leave them on LONGER! and then they disintegrate with rubbing alcohol pretty easily after about 3 days); I still run my eyes over the script each day before the show, but it is starting to feel part of my muscle memory now and not so much a series of words and actions and emotions I have to strain to remember.

Wade and I, along with our assistant stage manager Laurel, have a fun new pre-show ritual: there’s a TED talk that inspired us. 

It’s all about how “alpha posturing” (meaning putting your body into very expansive, open positions, such as standing like Wonder Woman and taking up lots of physical space) can produce chemical and physiological changes in your body, making you more confident and bold and able to, for example, be your best self in a job interview after alpha posturing for only two minutes. So when we hear the “places” call, we troop into the darkened backstage area, check our in-ear monitors with Ryan, and then stand tall and proud like Wonder Woman, feeling the confidence suffuse our bodies during the final minutes before we begin the show.