Half of the fun of mounting a world premiere show is hearing what our audience things about the show. We’d love to get you feedback. What were your favorite songs/scenes/moments? You can head over to our Facebook Page or Follow us on Twitter and give us your review of the show! 


In the mean time, here’s a review that we’re so excited to share from Rich Cook:

“Frankly I am awed that anyone with a semblance of sanity would take on such a daunting task as to tame this dragon of many tails.  And so it was without any expectation that I attended last night’s premiere of ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME. 

I found the show to produce a panoply of emotions, from surprising laughter to musical foot tapping, to spiritual stirrings.  It is an audacious creation.  Your cast is jaw dropping talented.  The music, lyrics, stunning and in step with theatrical expectation (it will score an animated adaptation well.)  Valerie and Wade… I dunno how to say it better: both are joyous!

Clearly the Seattle audience had a great time!  They are a lively exuberant bunch and it made the show especially delightful.  Kudos to your excellent staffs (NY & Seattle) Dannie F, and entire creative team.  I will book tickets for the Broadway opening soon as you announce!”

Thanks for the kind words, Rich!