Ryan Conlin is the Property Master on Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (and Balagan Theatre’s beloved Production Manager)!  He has worked in various aspects of theatre all over the country and is now here in Seattle.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about props for Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (bonus Ryan is hiding in one of the pictures!):



“Here’s a fun game….. how many people here literally have the word “master” in their title? I do! My name is Ryan and I am the Properties Master for Ernest Shackleton Loves Me. Being a props master is kind of like being a professional scavenger hunter except you are given a budget and expected to find things that will make the director happy. My favorite note I got from Director Lisa Peterson in this process was for Bruce’s keys and keychain. Lisa thought about it for a moment and then told me that the keys should look like they might smell bad… 

This show has some really great things for me to work with as it takes place in two timeframes and two completely different locations. The New York flat is what it is and has it’s own fun challenges but the early 19th century nautical explorer items are the ones that I feel give the show the most texture. 

My favorite prop in ESLM is Ernest’s bag and it’s contents. It’s a collection of period items such as a bosun whistle, a sextant, a spy glass, a flask and whale blubber. Much like choosing a cast and company, each item was chosen not for how it worked, but how it worked in a collection.

I am so very happy to be on this scavenger hunt with these fine people and can’t wait to see how Wade and Valerie use the items that I have found.”