Ernest has become such a wonderful and pivotal role in our show. And we have taken great strides to make sure that we cast the perfect actor that’s up for the challenge. 

On Jan. 15, 2014, we still did not have an Ernest.

The first actor that we thought would play the role had to back out of the production. Then he was back in. Then he got cast in Les Miz. So, back to the drawing board.

We started reviewing audition videos from Seattle. We had casting directors sourcing NY talent. Valerie and Brandon were working their connections in LA. All of the options were being funneled to Lisa, the writers, and our producers, trying to find that perfect fit.

After rounds and rounds of phone calls and emails, the choice became so clear: we offered the role to Wade McCollum and he accepted!

In a matter of days, he was whisked down to LA for our Jan. 18th rehearsal start date with Val, Brandon and Lisa.

And in a true bit of comedy, we lost our recording studio in LA. (Ah comedy, why must you always come in threes?)

But what matters now is putting fingers to the keyboard/piano and rehearsing for our upcoming workshop performances!